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For Architects

Collaborate with Brands, Suppliers, and Clients
Develop Mood boards, Material Galleries
Request for samples, quotes

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For Brands

Send Product Information
Send Material Samples
Respond to Leads

Material Palette

For Suppliers

Offer Product Availability Information
Respond to Leads
Submit Quotes

Chat with vendors

For Developers

Request Quotes from Brands and Suppliers
Refine Specifications
Approve Designs


Collaborate Across Teams

  • Streamline collaboration between design teams, brands, clients, and suppliers.
  • Create shareable moodboards and material palettes, enhance efficiency, expedite work, document decisions, track history, and communicate seamlessly.
  • Maintain project specifications complianceMinimize execution deviations from the planned design intent

Up-to-Date Project Dashboard

  • Manage Material Libraries, Unified Supplier Directories, and Ratings Across Teams
  • Request Quotes, Material Samples, and Check on Product Availability
  • Export work products in PPT, Excel and other formats for formal submissions

Design Intent Adherence

Archiflo helps maintain alignment among the team and all stakeholders concerning design intent, product specifications, budgetary aspects, and diligently logs the decision-making process.

This audit-trail enables the ability to trace the rationale behind specific decisions and the timing of their implementation, thereby attributing the reasons for design choices and material substitutions.

Accelerated Product Launch to Project Specifications

Architects stay up-to-date with the most recent brand product launches and actively engage with the brands on product specifications, applications, and availability.

Prevent email clutter and opt for tailored product subscriptions that align with ongoing and relevant project requirements.

Organize the products of interest within curated internal libraries for broader dissemination within the firm.

Precise Design Management

Mark specific areas on a conceptual sketch with annotations and associate them with precise items from the carefully curated catalog. Generate multiple concept variations and formulate design proposals to share with clients.

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Stay Informed

Archiflo empowers architects, designers, and enthusiasts with the latest trends and insights. Stay informed, stay ahead, and make informed decisions for your architectural pursuits

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Maintain Privacy

Archiflo prioritizes your privacy in architecture and design. We secure your personal and project data with robust measures so you can focus on your creative endeavors, free from worries.
Ensuring privacy is our priority. We safeguard your data with rigorous security measures, allowing you to focus on your goals while we protect your sensitive information

Maintain Privacy

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