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Who we are, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, is powered by CLOUDSEED TECHNOLOGIES LLP, headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Our Commitment to Privacy

We hold your personal data in the utmost sensitivity, understanding its significance in the digital landscape. At Archiflo, we're committed to safeguarding your trust. Your personal information serves to identify you within our platform and mobile apps. Be assured, that we do not share your data with external parties except to fulfill your product or service requests. We may also use the data to keep you informed about new products, events, and exclusive offers. Your information is retained only as legally required or for its original purpose.For privacy queries, contact us at We respond diligently to all emails, addressing your concerns promptly.


When you initiate a purchase with us, we collect and retain a variety of user information, essential for transaction processing, addressing potential claims, and delivering our services. This data may include your title, name, gender, email address, postal and delivery addresses, phone numbers, mobile numbers, payment details, and payment card or bank account information.

It's important to emphasize that we do not retain, sell, share, rent, or lease any credit/debit card information or personally identifiable data with third parties. We treat your financial and personal information with the utmost security and protection.

We do not access your sales, projects, or organizational data without your explicit consent. All your data is safeguarded by stringent security measures, as outlined in the "How Secure is My Data" section, to ensure your data privacy and security.

While we do not access the specific data mentioned earlier, we may collect information from the Archiflo product library for market research purposes. This information remains anonymous and is used solely for statistical analysis. Responses to surveys or polls are not shared with third parties. Email addresses are kept separate for added privacy and security.

We may anonymize data about platform users for various purposes, including gaining insights into user interactions and sharing anonymized data with third parties like publishers. Rest assured, this anonymized data cannot personally identify you.

Furthermore, we may use anonymized data for market research reports, such as trend reports, case studies, and articles.

If you voluntarily provide personal identifying information for our market research services, along with your opinions, we will have access to this data with your consent. Your decision to share this information is optional, and we treat your data with the utmost care and respect for your privacy.


Your information is our tool to deliver the products and services you desire. Please know that any data you entrust to us is treated with the utmost care and sensitivity, making it a part of our commitment to you.

In the course of delivering your ordered products, we might share your name and address with trusted partners like couriers or suppliers, all for a seamless service. Your phone number might be used to keep you updated on the latest deals and order status—your trust is our top priority.

Rest assured, we never sell or rent your personal information to unrelated third parties. Your privacy is our safeguard. In case of a merger or asset sale, customer information may be involved, but we remain committed to your data security.

We gather demographic and profile data to enhance your experience and customize our content. Your data helps us understand your preferences for a tailored user journey.

Your IP address is recorded for diagnostics, user identification, and demographic insights.

For payment processing, our agent is here to assist. Keeping your information accurate and current is key to seamless transactions and communication. Trust your data with us for a secure and personalized experience.


At Archiflo, we've fortified your data, making it impenetrable to competitors. Your privacy and data security are our unwavering commitment.

We employ cutting-edge Internet security technology, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for your protection. Look for the lock icon when you log in—it signifies a secure connection to our server.

Each user in your organization gets a unique username and password. A session 'cookie' is used solely for encrypted authentication during your session, without storing sensitive information. Our advanced security methods are based on dynamic data and encoded session IDs.

Our secure server environment, hosted on global Amazon Web Services Data Centers, is equipped with firewalls and advanced tech to thwart intruders. Your data is backed up on mirrored disks across storage systems, ensuring its safety.

Our multi-tenant platform isolates your organization's data from others using a unique identifier. Your data resides in a separate database, exclusive to your organization.

Inside our facilities, we restrict access to your data. Only authorized employees with specific roles can access it, and our third-party providers ensure the physical security of our hardware. We have complete confidence in their security procedures.

At Archiflo, your data is impervious to prying eyes. Cutting-edge SSL encryption safeguards your information, while unique user credentials ensure secure access. Our robust server environment, hosted on Amazon Web Services, deploys advanced security measures and mirrored backups to prevent data loss. Your privacy is our top priority.


By providing data to us, our agent, or using the Platform, you agree to our data usage as described in this Privacy Policy to verify your identity.

If you have concerns about your data, you have the right to request access to your personal data held or processed by us. You can also ask us to rectify inaccuracies in your data at no cost. Additionally, you may request the cessation of personal data usage for direct marketing purposes at any time. Please contact us via mail at


Our Platform's Policies and Terms and Conditions may undergo occasional changes or updates to adhere to legal requirements and quality standards. We recommend regularly checking these sections to stay informed about any platform changes. Any modifications will be in effect on the day they are posted.



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